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Systems for Materials Handling and Storage Include:

  • Crushing
  • Screening
  • Drying
  • Emission control
  • Automatic process control
  • Structures
  • Bins, tanks, silos
  • Conveyors of all types

Projects include:

Prairie Creek Power Station - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Complete coal handling facility with rail and truck receiving hoppers, belt conveyors, overhead coal silos, crushing equipment, reclaim hoppers, transfer houses and dust suppression system were designed for four units in this central station power plant. Brown designed all four units of the original construction of Prairie Creek Station, Units 1, 2, and 3 for Central Iowa Power Cooperative, and Unit 4 for Iowa Electric Light and Power.

IEI Barge Services - East Dubuque, Illinois
The 900 TPH unit train coal unloading and Mississippi River barge loading system included track hoppers, car shaker, vibrating feeders, 42 inch belt conveyors, and telescopic loading chute and dust control. Plans and specifications were prepared by Brown Engineering Company.

Dubuque Sand and Gravel - East Dubuque, Illinois (now IEI Barge Services)
The 750 TPH Mississippi River barge unloading system included crane pad, receiving hopper, vibrating feeders, 42 inch belt conveyors, surge bin and provisions for rail car loading or stackout to storage. Materials include coal, fertilizer, salt, meal. Brown provided structural and mechanical plans and specifications for the materials handling systems.

American Crystal Sugar Company - Hillsboro, North Dakota
This cogeneration plant, burning western coal, was designed by Brown under a design-build contract in association with Midwesco Energy Systems. The coal handling system includes double railroad hoppers, a pair of vibrating feeders feeding to a crusher, an enmass conveyor feeding either a stock pile belt conveyor or a belt conveyor to the power plant. The plant conveyor includes a belt scale and feeds an over-bunker belt conveyor serving indoor cylindrical steel bunkers. An aspiration dust collection system is provided at the conveyor transfer points.

Cargill, Inc. - Memphis, Tennessee
The coal handling system is designed to receive, crush, and convey coal for a pulverized coal steam generator and cogeneration plant. The system uses an enclosed truck hopper with vibrating feeder, belt conveyors, crusher, chemical spray dust suppression system, and a vacuum type dust collection system serving all conveyor transfer points. Cylindrical steel coal silos are included. Brown provided full design services for the project.

Cargill, Inc. - Eddyville, Iowa
This coal handling system serving a cogeneration plant uses a combination of existing and new equipment and includes enclosed truck hoppers, vibrating feeders, vacuum dust collection for transfer points, coal bunkers and crusher; chemical spray dust suppression for truck hoppers and vibrating feeders. Plans and specifications were prepared by Brown Engineering Company.

Farmers Export Company - New Orleans, Louisiana
For this five million bushel grain terminal with rail and barge receiving facilities, ship export facilities, and belt conveying systems, Brown provided construction inspection, shop drawing review and design recommendations.

Farmers Grain Dealers - Des Moines, Iowa
Brown prepared structural, mechanical and electrical plans and specifications for a five million bushel grain terminal at Avon Lake near Des Moines. Associated conveying systems included belt and screw conveyors with truck and rail loading and unloading facilities.

Pella Municipal Power Plant - Pella, Iowa
One hundred TPH coal handling system with 24 inch belt conveyor, truck hopper, overhead bunkers, transfer house and crusher house. Brown Engineering Company prepared plans and specifications for all material handling systems.

National By-Products Rendering Plant - Clinton, Iowa
Complete continuous animal rendering facilities with screw and belt conveyors, finished and raw product storage and load-out facilities. Brown Engineering Company prepared plans and specifications for the construction, illumination, controls, HVAC and electrical distribution to the plant.

Iowa Limestone Company - Alden, Iowa
Complete agricultural limestone mining and processing plant using belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and bucket elevators for materials handling. Brown's design services included plans and specifications for all crushing, pulverizing, screening, drying, feeding, blending, bagging, spouting and valving equipment.

An overhead material loadout facility designed by Brown won an Engineering Excellence Award. This loadout facility provides for inventorying up to 12 different limestone products in large overhead tanks utilizing 100 tph screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, and gravity distributors. Trucks can then be gravity loaded from the overhead tanks in less than 5 minutes.

Iowa State University - Ames, Iowa
One hundred TPH coal belt conveying system with feeders, hoppers, crushers and split hoppers and feeders for blending. Brown prepared plans and specifications for structural supports, truck and track hoppers, crusher house, transfer house, coal gallery, coal bunkers, lighting, controls, dust collection and ventilation.

Cedar Fall Utilities - Cedar Falls, Iowa
Brown designed a 700 tph coal unloading facility at this Municipal Power Plant to enable receipt of economical and environmentally friendly unit trains of coal. Equipment and controls were designed to allow unloading of 120 coal cars within the railroad company mandated 2-days time. This project had a simple payback within a few months and won an Engineering Excellence Award.

Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana
A 75 TPH coal handling system was provided for a central steam heating plant. Brown designed structural supports and prepared electrical and mechanical plans and specifications for the coordinated installation of 24 inch belt conveyor, bucket elevator, truck hopper, 100 TPH feeders and 200 TPH belt scale.

Twin City Mineral Corporation - Savage, Minnesota (now Superior Minerals)
Brown provided construction drawings for this feed grade limestone plant. The system employs separators, screens, roller mill, and combination of pneumatics, belts and bucket elevators for conveying. Product may be delivered in bulk or in bags.

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company - Decatur, Illinois
In association with Midwesco Energy Systems, Brown added a coal fired boiler to an existing plant. An existing rail hopper is used to unload coal to a feeder serving an enmass conveyor which conveyors to the top of a cylindrical, concrete silo. A stainless cone bottom on the silo feeds by gravity to a feeder serving the boiler.

Cargill, Inc. Cedar -Rapids, Iowa
This coal handling system serves a steam generator at a Cargill corn plant. Brown provided services in system description and specification, equipment selection, design development and coordination. The system includes an enclosed double truck hopper, drag conveyors, crusher, V-bucket elevator, and twin cylindrical storage silos.


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